Early Records


Nicolette (add hyperlink here) decided to start Early Records for original musicians who do not strictly fit the norm, but consider themselves to be people’s musicians. A highly innovative artist herself, Nicolette knew that the distinction often made between populism and originality was false, and started Early Records to prove it. Early Records exists to expose people to populist music that doesn’t necessarily and/or strictly follow the rules. (Who made those rules, anyway? nobody knows! or cares!) Early Records likes music that's catchy. That's all. How or why it is, is up to the musician that made it. Early Records is here to release upbeat, original music from anywhere it can be found in the world. And, tired of hearing songs about powerlessness and emotional addiction, we would like to hear songs about our true nature. We are magnificent! So please, can someone talk about this for a change?

 Early was also created to be a space where artists of all kinds could get together and inspire and help one another, and a space where everyone can interact, exchange information, and have discussions on interesting issues, even exchange services if they want. In short, the label and website are yours! So dig in!





Released September 2016. First single from the album ("Simple Life") released on limited edition in August 2016. Watch this space!